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Stater Bros

Stater Bros is a privately held chain of supermarkets in California. It is operating more than 170 stores all over Southern California. The company sells a variety of goods such as snacks, seafood, produce, liquor, deli, dairy, and more. As of 2018, Stater Bros had more than 18,000 employees with a revenue of up to $4.2 billion.

Every week, Stater Bros offers its customers with hundreds of deals, discounts, and promotions via the Weekly Ad program. You can easily browse and choose from many categories such as alcohol, pets, bakery, dairy, household needs, and more at very affordable and inexpensive price tags. While most products and goods could be purchased online or in store, there are also digital deals that will appear in the ad with many significant discounts and promotions such as buy 2 get 1 or 20% off.

Keep in mind that not all items will be available in all stores. Also, the prices can vary a lot, depending on your locations and the occasions. That’s why you need to keep informed about the latest programs for the best deals. In addition, you can enjoy many other saving programs offered by Stater Bros supermarkets such as Digital Deals, Instacart, Stater Bros Seasonal, as well as Tips & Tricks.