Learn about the current Safeway weekly circular, valid Sep 16 – Sep 22, 2020. Find your amazing savings on meat, deli, fresh produce, seafood, snacks & beverages, dairy & frozen food, wine, spirits & beer, sauce, bakery, floral items, baby needs, household items, personal care items, health & beauty care, and canned goods.

Safeway has been offering promotional campaign all the time, and you can find amazing savings on a wide variety of items. It’s advisable to purchase some Halloween adornments, foreshadowing the upcoming festival. Bake supplies that comes with creepy and scary elements are practical and decorative. Baby needs are odorless and non-toxic. You can rest assured the safety of these diapers, which are applicable to toddlers and infants. You can sign up at Safeway.com. In this way, you can use the applied account to download many digital coupons, adding more discounts to in-store deals. So come and seize the chances of getting your biggest offers and deals on items you like.









Based in Pleasanton, California, Safeway is a chain of supermarkets with a stylized “S” in its logo. The company mainly operates in the central and western United States, along with some locations in the Mid-Atlantic area of the Eastern Seaboard. With the slogan “Ingredients for life”, it mainly provides organic vegetables and fruits. Also, its stores might include non-perishable items, liquor section, pharmacy, bakery, flower department, and produce section.

Shoppers at Safeway would browse the Weekly Ad and create a shopping list with the best deals. There are more than 20 categories with hundreds of goods and products available each week for the program. From pet care, tobacco and deli to beverages, baby care, and meat, you can easily browse and choose what you want. The process is much simpler when you can search for your favorite options with the searching tool.

There are many deals and promotions in each Weekly Ad. All prices are much more affordable with club members. In addition, you can see many digital coupons scattered throughout the ad. They would be cut off and used for in-store purchase in any participating stores of the Safeway. Some of the very best deals often limit 1 offer for each transaction.