Learn about the current QFC weekly circular, valid Sep 9 – Sep 15, 2020. Find your amazing offers and deals on produce, meat, deli, snacks & beverages, dairy & frozen food, beer, wine & liquor, bakery, personal care items, seafood, school items, floral items, and home essentials.

QFC has been offering promotional campaign all the time, and you can get more discounts to in-store deals by browsing QFC online promotional information. Vegetables and fruits are organic, fresh and premium. We offer crunchy apples, high-quality avocados, succulent grapes, and etc. Some selected items offer Buy 5 Or More Save $1 Each activity. You can find amazing offers and deals through purchasing what you need. Come and seize the chance of getting biggest savings on items you like before sold out.










QFC or Quality Food Centers is a chain of supermarkets based in Washington. The company currently has more than 60 stores in Portland, Oregon and Puget Sound region in Washington. QFC is the market leader in Seattle and surrounding suburbs. It is often promoted as a small upscale brand that uses preferred customer cards to offer discounts and track customers.

QFC always provides shoppers with the best deals and discounts on the market with its Weekly Ad program. There are hundreds of products and goods available for sales in three main categories, including outdoor, fresh produce, and grocery. The price can vary at different local QFC stores. In addition, items and prices are available at better prices when you purchase with an Advantage Card.

Most sales in the ad are often available in retail quantities only, ranging from 1 up to 10 pieces or packages. To get even better prices, digital coupons are also provided. In addition, there are many other saving programs to get the most of your money. These include promotions, fuel rewards, big packs, as well as cash back. The Weekly Ad can be viewed in a grid or page mode to give you an overview of the current deals.