Discover the latest Ollie’s weekly circular, valid Oct 07 – Oct 14, 2020. View this week Ollie’s online flyer sale, and find amazing savings on toys, books, household appliances, kitchen items, bathroom items, pet needs, garments, cleaning items.

For these who want to find more specials, it’s advisable to browse Ollie’s weekly new offers online every week. A wide variety of items are waiting for you to pick up, from decorative adornments to practical home appliances. Yoda mask is applicable to kids and adults for upcoming Halloween, interactive and creepy. Toys are non-toxic and odorless, safe for kids to play with. Interesting books are applicable to toddlers. Come and fill your day with amazing discounts.











Ollie’s Bargain Outlet or Ollie is a discount retail store chain located in Pennsylvania. The company provides merchandise from different manufacturers, suppliers, and retailers in the US, whether they are in the form of bankruptcy or closeouts. These include hardware, toys, books, flooring, food, housewares, clothing, electronics, or pet supplies. It is currently operating nearly 330 stores in 23 states of the US.

As Ollie’s is a discount retail store chain, you can easily get many promotions and great deals with it. There is a variety of categories and products to choose from, including bed, bath, cleaning, outdoor, lawn, patio, and more. Depending on the local store, styles and quantities of each offer can vary. Also, there will be a limited number of stocks on hand.

The special thing about Ollie’s offers is that most of them are available at 25% off. The reductions can be greater when you purchase multiple products at the same time. On each flyer, there are some basic information and features about the product to ensure you can make an informed decision. The Great Deals program can even help you save more money. It often comes with some offers that are up to 70% off the store prices.