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IGA stands for Independent Grocers Alliance, a chain of grocery stores based in Chicago, Illinois. It is operating thousands of locations in more than 30 countries around the world. Different from the typical business model, the company basically works as a franchise via stores separately owned by the brand. Most of the stores can be found in small towns and owned by families that are running them.

Shoppers at IGA can find many saving programs and promotions to save their money. The weekly ad comes with a variety of categories and products at more affordable prices and high quality. From foods and beverages to household items and other groceries, you can choose from any options to meet your daily needs. In each section, it is easy to view all of the important information about the products.

In addition, the weekly ad provides detailed information on the prices and other promotions to help you make an informed decision. All preferred products can be added to the list for quick and convenient shopping. Many discounts are available, ranging from 10 percent up to 50 percent, depending on the locations and occasions. There are also many other promotions like digital rebates, buy 3 get 1, and more.