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Giant Tiger

Giant Tiger is a discount retailer based in Ottawa, Canada. The company has more than 250 stores in different provinces of the country. It has different banners, including Tigre Geant, Scott’s Discount, GTExpress, and Giant Tiger. The chain currently has approximately more than 8,000 employees. Most stores are conveniently located in many communities to deliver outstanding values to the customers.

Regular customers at Giant Tiger can check the weekly flyer to get more deals and promotions from the retailer. It can be divided into different categories like outdoor seasonal, home décor, clothing, pets, and grocery. There is a variety of products and options that are available at great prices to purchase. You can choose to filter the deals by the discount rate to get the best options for your needs.

All offers in the weekly flyer come with the original price and discounted price. Therefore, you can easily make comparisons between options and make an informed purchase. There are also some exclusive deals with great prices to help you save more. Keep in mind that some products can be limited in the amount, depending on the location and occasions. Therefore, make sure to check before making a decision.