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Bi Mart

Bi Mart is a chain of employee-owned retailers based in Eugene, Oregon. It is a membership store. The company is operating up to 80 locations in 3 states, including Idaho, Washington, and Oregon. The typical store offers most house merchandise, including houseware, small appliances and electronics, apparel, power tools, drugs, and more. The average size of Bi Mart stores is around 2,900 square meters.

Bi Mark provides its shoppers with an ad center that features many saving programs. These include the Coupon Book, Book of Values, and Lucky Number. In its Weekly Add program, you can find a lot of great deals and promotions in a variety of categories and brands. The prices can be even better for members of Bi Mark.

Each product or good in the Weekly Ad comes in different variety and category to ensure that you can always make a good decision. The prices can change on a weekly basis. On major occasions such as summer time or Christmas, there will be even more deals to make the most out of your money. The discount rates would be from 5 percent up to 30 percent, depending on the products. Keep in mind that these deals can vary based on the locations, so make sure to check carefully.