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Associated Supermarkets has special promotions running all the time and you can find great savings on promotional USDA choice beefs, only $2.99 a pound. It just costs you $4 for 2 boxes of cereals. You can buy five sweet yellow corns for only $2. Only $4.99 for each clementines. Save more by checking out online Associated Supermarkets promotional informations. Browse SHOPASSOCIATED.COM pages and download digital coupons for in-store deals. Don’t hesitate, come and buy these premium and fresh products.





Associated Supermarkets

Associated Supermarkets or Associated Foods is the largest independently-operated supermarket group in New York. It delivers services to more than 250 independent retail stores. The company is operating in 9 different states of the US, including Virginia, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, North Carolina, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Jersey, and New York.

Just like other supermarkets, Associated Supermarkets provides the shoppers with many great deals to save money and get the most of their pocket. The program is applied to a variety of goods available in most of its supermarket, from veggies and fruits, foods, to canned products, biscuits, beers, and beverages. You might get considerable discounts for most products, starting from 10 percent.

Some popular options require you to purchase at least 2 or 3 units, so it is important to read the ad carefully. Keep in mind that the prices might vary by locations and stores. Thus, you should check carefully to get the best deals for your budget. After shopping, you can also have a chance to win tickets and get valuable prizes from Associated Supermarkets.